The Sunny Lane Project

The Sunny Lane Project
May 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

We still have 1 bathroom intact

There wasn't much work done over the weekend. Our GC was busy and we hit an electrics snafu. Old house = old wiring = what does this switch operate? It's a current waiting game. Hope we can get the electrician out here Wednesday. He's a busy dude. Anyway, other than scrubbing the blue sink and pulling nails out of the wood where the ceiling used to be and another IKEA trip, we had a bit of a house break.

Which leads me to tell you about the bathroom we currently have....the only room in the WHOLE house which hasn't been touched (other than cleaned). Now, mind you, it needs some new tile and a new floor but in order for us to have a place to live, we had to leave one bathroom use-able. And, other than the squishy floor near the tub and the horrid vanity, it's darn glorious, with all original fixtures.

Check out this incredible shower head from 1959. I *LOVE* taking a shower because of this shower head:

I don't know if this angle gives you the best view of the shape of the spout, but it's darn cool!

You've seen the shots of our 1/2 moon Crane sinks, well, how about these awesome knobs on top of it? I mean, come on!

Yes, that's a gigantic medicine cabinet! So much storage!

Original lighting fixture:

Exhaust fan:

And, of course, most of you have seen the pictures of our Honeywell Tap-Lites. This one has a cracked plate. I've not been successful in finding additional plates for these and I need several (singles, doubles and triples). If you come across them, let me know!


  1. Asked my dad about your switch plates. He said they haven't been made for almost 50 years. That if you want to keep them, the only thing to do would be to have a machinest make new ones for you. Sorry I don't have a better answer for you.

    Love seeing all the progress you guys are making. I know it's a lot of hard work, but it will be so worth it in the end.

    Take care,

  2. Thanks for reading and for checking on that, Dawn.

  3. I love the original fixtures. Looks like alot of work but will be worth it in the end. My house is constantly getting updated. We did hand scraped hardwood in the living room. Love it but need to do trim and finish our new built-in cabinet behind the front door. Just ready for my house to be clear of construction zone! Good thing you are doing it all at once!!!

  4. My husband was really insistant on doing it all at once (other than this bath). In the end, he's right. Though, a house every TRULY done? Hope you are clear of your construction zone soon as well.