The Sunny Lane Project

The Sunny Lane Project
May 2010

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Evolution of a Kitchen

First, I forgot to mention in the last update: Sunny Lane turns out to be one of those awesome places where your neighbor brings you something when you move in. As I swept out the P.O.D. and Scott met with our GC, our new neighbors brought over a plate of warm brownies. Delicious!

And now, more pictures....

Evolution of a kitchen (includes repeat photos):
As it looked the day we closed (8/31/10)

And on 9/1/10

And on 9/3/10

This is the lovely IKEA worker ordering all the new parts (9/3/10):

And this is what our new kitchen looks like in the back of a U-haul (9/3/10):

I'm leaving out the photo of the receipt. Ouchie.


  1. How wonderful to see all this ! What a great journey so far!
    the house is lucky to have you!
    I love the idea of red counter tops.
    I love the slate discovery,
    and I know you'll have many years of love and laughter here!
    Much love m

  2. I'm wondering where you are living now...or, where your husband is living, that is...

  3. We are in our friends spare bedroom for about another week. And then it'll be an air mattress once we have a working bathroom. We were supposed to close Aug. 2nd which would have timed everything perfectly....but, mortgage companies aren't lending so easily anymore! Lucky for us our friends live 5 minutes away!