The Sunny Lane Project

The Sunny Lane Project
May 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another week down!

I can't believe I haven't updated for a week! This house is totally gutted now. We have one usable bathroom and we are on a mattress on the floor until the flooring is put in. The flooring was supposed to arrive yesterday but it wasn't correct. So, end of this week or start of next. sigh....

We are down to cabinet building (oh so fun) and our General Contractor has started doing his work. Tonight he took out the damaged sub-floor in the kitchen and replaced it with new. Pictures below. Enjoy and thanks for following along!

Dinning room before (carpeted):

And after carpet, padding, tack strips and staples removed:

Check it - some more awesome wall paper under the mirrors:

We pulled the weird TV stand out of the "closet" as well as pulled off the "speaker doors":

Just about full:

Scott begins the cabinet build:

The first one is done! He says it's the hardest one....It's the corner cabinet:

And then he was on a roll!

That's our GC, Ryan. He just finished ripping out all the water damaged flooring:

And that's our new kitchen sub-floor:

Pre-historic wasp Scott had to kill. Sucker is HUGE!

And, finally, he SOOO deserved this moment:

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