The Sunny Lane Project

The Sunny Lane Project
May 2010

Friday, February 11, 2011

Filling up the place

Scott has taken a self-taught class in mid-century modern furniture over the last 3 weeks. While in Chicago for a friend's wedding we hit several re-sale shops. He's also been all over a point where I told him he has to stop. We have regular ol' furniture to get us by in our living room for now. We, however, have not a stitch of furniture in our master bedroom. We also do not have a dining room table. We also have a whole storage unit to clean out. I digress....

The point is - through his ebay shopping excursions we've now acquired the two pieces below. There are two more chairs and a desk (this was actually my request) on the way.

First: A Knoll Bertoia Diamond Chair (covered):

And, our new coffee table is Knoll by Lewis Butler:

Scott says it isn't a "sought after piece" but it's still worth showing!

As for other goings on:
I've unpacked all of our boxes labeled "bathroom" which made room in the little bedroom to bring in some more boxes. I also unearthed some clothing (it felt like I went shopping!). Little by little I'm bringing stuff in from the garage in hopes to make room for the stuff in the storage unit. Not to fear, however. There are also 2 large boxes collecting loads of things we don't need. If it's been boxed up this long....ya know?

And, since the "restore" part of the house is getting closer to complete, I might as well turn this in to a a bit of a "Living on Sunny Ln." blog too. I'm fairly private so their won't be much.....but, I want to keep this space active.

Mostly I've been cooking. Today, I'm drying fruit in the oven:

Weekend agenda:
Buy dining room table
Clean mortar off brick
Entry way marble cleaned (in progress)
Thaw out (thank you higher temps!)
Maybe move some things from storage (please)
Pick paint color for living room (decisions, decisions...)


  1. I'm loving watching the house come together! I have to say (as stupid as this will sound): You can dry fruit in the oven??? I use a lot of dried fruit in my homemade protein bars and would love to know how you do this so I can be ready for the glut of fruit that will occur this fall.

  2. Yep!! I learn everything from Mark Bittman. Cut the fruit, place it on a rack on top of a cookie sheet (as pictured). Put it in a 225 degree oven and leave it for 2-10 hours depending how you like it. Usually 3 - 4 hours works for me. No higher than 225 degrees in the oven though or it bakes instead of dries. You can do tomatoes & kale too (but need a bit of olive oil).