The Sunny Lane Project

The Sunny Lane Project
May 2010

Friday, January 7, 2011

Successful Brunch

We had our first "party" at Sunny Ln. in the annual Hangover Brunch. It was a success (though when will I learn and buy some more plates so I can stop doing dishes during most of the brunch??) and so much more comfortable with so much more rooooom!

At 5pm on 12/31 we loaded up Ryan's truck with tons of the big trash which was still cluttering up the house. He pulled out of the drive way and Scott and I went to work trying to make the house ready. The sun room was still piled high with doors, old carpet, tools, a vanity, and much more. Luckily my best friend Matt arrived with his awesome family. Matt and Scott whipped the sun room in to shape for sure. I'm not exactly sure what Kristin and I did. I felt like a chicken with my head cut off so it's all a blur. There was much sweeping, I do remember that.

There's still much to be done (another pendant light to hang, trim, PAINT!, there's one toilet and one sink in different rooms that do not yet work, window treatments, at least one thresh hold, fireplace, hall bath, door bell) but the house was ready enough to start 2011 with some love. And everyone did LOVE it. Here are few pictures from the day which show it off:

Diane and Matt introduce Elise and Liam in the family room area (off the kitchen):

Mary checks out the buffet brunch options:

The sun room is enjoyed by some of my favorite people:

The Page family finally gets to see where their daddy has been all these evenings:

Casey and her youngins check out the fireplace:

The dinning room gets its first taste of food:

Pemby enjoys the Bloody Mary's in the bar area:

The Wilson's enjoy some play time in the yard:

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