The Sunny Lane Project

The Sunny Lane Project
May 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

Floors Day 2

The bamboo floors are IN! Stranded bamboo. That's important. Stranded is much harder, doesn't scratch the way regular bamboo scratches.

Anyway, another 7am wake up call this lovely Monday. But, FIRST....Ryan had to put the sub floor in:

I should have been documenting this stuff all along but at the end of the day Sunday, we were short 1 piece of sub-floor. No problem! Lowes is 5 minutes away. They were out. Seriously. ONE piece. Anyway, Ryan put it in this morning while the flooring crew worked on the hallway and guest room:

And then the guest room was done:

I wasn't able to get a photo of the floor in, what I'm calling, the yoga room. But it's pretty too. Here's the master bedroom 1/2 way:

And the master bedroom finished:

Finished minus one threshold. We had some extra but had a mess up in the hallway. Cut a new piece. Perfect. Cut the first piece for the threshold to Scott's bathroom. Didn't fit. Cut it again - PERFECT. Put the nail in: it split. So, we'll need to order another piece.

The joys of remodeling.

Update on the bathrooms: Touch up grouting and caulking happened today. Touch up caulking happens tomorrow, I believe. Once that happens: hang the vanities, hang the shower door, add the shower controls, put the toilets and sinks in, hope the plumbing works. That's a joke (sort of).

Update on the kitchen: I was going to wait and post all of the kitchen photos at once but I *THINK* I'm going to be even more busy the rest of the week trying to go through our belongings and move in around the rest of the construction. So, I'll say that the counter tops are IN. The sink and dishwasher are being worked on currently. They MIGHT even work before I go to bed. The cook top is still on the agenda. Ryan says no later than Wednesday night.

The first piece of the counter top:

It was just a tad too long. The shorter piece was quite a bit too short. Awesome fabrication guy was able to take them back to the shop, fix both pieces AND bring them back in the same afternoon.

The sinks in (that's Jeff, the plumber):

To keep with today's theme: The sink had to be pulled out once we saw the hole was properly cut. A clip caught the laminate and pulled it up, causing a hairline fracture. Lots of sad faces happened. Options were considered. Heavy sighs. Long pauses. Then Jeff thought - if we move the sing down more we can cover the rip. BINGO. Happy faces. Jeff just drilled the hole to add the faucet. Now he's on to drilling the hole for the air switch for the garbage disposal. It goes on the other side of the sink.

Here's the laminate we chose:

And.....for something that is now FINISHED! The bar top is DONE (obviously the mirror won't remain there but we are storing things wherever we can these days).

Oh, & we had our first fire in the fireplace....YAY!

Long post but it might be the last you hear from me this month. Maybe.

OOOOH! One last picture...just as I was about to sign off Jeff had the faucet in place. Look at that....


  1. Everything looks great. It never goes quite as smoothly as you hope it will. Hang in there.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. You guys are really killing it! I'm so proud. I know it's super hard work.

  3. Thanks, Dawn! Merry Christmas to you too!

    And thanks, Joe! If you hadn't found the place....