The Sunny Lane Project

The Sunny Lane Project
May 2010

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mostly just little things...

Mostly we've just had little things of great importance being done in order to prep for the drywall to go up next week (YAY!!!) Ryan (our GC) and Scott replaced a rotten support beam while I was at hot yoga class (hehehe). Big job. Much needed. Scott finished ripping out the drywall in the 80's bathroom. Ryan scooted around on his belly in the crawl space dragging cables and fixing duct work. I need to down load the pictures from his camera of our crawl space. The way the duct work looks will astound you. It's something else that just needs to be overhauled but it will have to wait. The plumber came around to move the toilet flange, set pipes in the proper position....and other little things I just don't know about. Oh! Someone removed the toilet flange from the front bathroom (the space we discovered used to be a bathroom - see previous post).

Just a few pictures to share. Scott began ripping out (the last?) the rest of the dry wall in the family room. It's hard to tell from the picture but, we discovered the windows in that room actually go all the way to the floor just as the windows in the big room.

This is what the windows look like on the outside:

This is what Scott found as he ripped away:

So, we can get rid of that weird siding and go BACK to the original design of FULL windows! I couldn't figure out why that damn siding was there. I'll be glad to see that go.

This is our dining room fixture which was added today. It came out of Scott's childhood home. He's carried it around with him all these years. We just need to replace a few bulbs.

I feel as though I need to start thinking paint colors. Send some ideas for the bedrooms!


  1. Hi Amber,

    Here's the paint scheme Erin came up with for our old house. I love it.

    What she did was go to Paint Liquidators and buy reclaimed paint. You can't pick the precise color, but it's much cheaper than new paint and just as good.

    Reid (Erin's husband)

  2. Hi Reid! Thanks for the tip. Love the rich colors Erin picked out. Especially love those browns in the bedroom. :) I'm also going to look up Paint Liquidators! Sweet!