The Sunny Lane Project

The Sunny Lane Project
May 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The kitchen

A few posts ago I mentioned "design our marmoleum floors". Well, Scott saw some pictures and was inspired. He designed the floor and back splash below. He incorporated it into an Ikea photo that shows our cabinets (the brown cabinets on bottom) but not really our layout. We are considering 1 or 2 of the horizontal cabinets - probably in stainless though. We also decided to go with a re-issue laminate (boomerang, the offwhite version with the light gray booms) counter tops for now. We can add the red quartz counter tops later fairly easily when money isn't as tight.

In other news....we are still in the waiting game. The house in not ours yet. Appraisal still to come. General contractors can be so elusive....
For those who don't know how a 203K loan works - you have to turn in your #'s and they have to cover everything that needs done on the house (even if you're going to do it yourself - you have to show that the contractor is doing it and getting paid...rubish) within the amount of money they are giving you to do it in. They don't want to know that you are going to add some money to the pot in order to only have to do it once instead of spending $800 now to "get it done" and another $2K later to do it right. It's a frustrating process but one that will HAVE to be worth it.

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