The Sunny Lane Project

The Sunny Lane Project
May 2010

Friday, June 17, 2011

Loving Our Home Today

Maybe it's because I hosted a dinner party last night or it's because there are beautiful flowers on my dining room table perking up the place but I'm just loving the house today. So much so that I didn't leave it at all.

I began the day pulling weeds on the south side of the house. I hope I'm not too late to save the daffodils I believe are growing over there. The weeds were plentiful and the ants, even more so.

Before the end of the day our friend Lee stopped over to bring some fresh picked raspberries off his bush and to plant a sunflower plant for us. I can't wait for it to grow like crazy! The yard has a LONG way to go but I did make a dent in the weeds this week.

Anyway, all this love for our home made me take some more pictures. The only new thing you'll see is the couch below. Scott drove to Zeeland, MI a few weekends ago to pick it up. Zeeland is also the home of the Herman Miller furniture manufacturer. He was stoked.

Our new Eames Sofa Compact for the "family room"(we aren't sure what to call the room):

Backing up a bit to include the table:

A close up of the pattern:

I know the bedroom furniture was in the last post but those weren't such great photos. Not that these are very much better...but maybe a little:

Three of the 4 pieces:

(Still need new bedding. It's on the list.)

A close up of the bottom of the dresser (Soho made by Copeland):

And, finally, the room I was really loving today: The dining room.
The view from the entry way into the living/dining area (with my birthday present globe in the foreground):

And the table with the pretty flowers given to me at the dinner party last night:

(Nothing on the walls yet. We can't decide!)

The light fixture is from the house Scott grew up in. It's one of the only things he's carried around with him everywhere he's gone.

Scott cut a tree down in our front yard. It blocked the coolest part of the house - the garage windows. I agree you can see the coolness factor of our house better without the tree but I haven't come to terms with it being gone yet. It was a pretty little tree. Maybe the next update I'll photograph the outside.

Happy weekend everyone!

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